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The Story…

In the fall of 2002, I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. In 2003, I began writing music again after fifteen years of silence. Over the past several years, God has blessed me with many songs. As I was playing these songs live in area coffee shops, churches, and retirement homes, the Holy Spirit began leading me to record a worship CD to share this blessing on a larger scale. It wasn’t until I was truly willing to place this project entirely in God’s hands, however, that the production of this CD began to move forward.

In early December 2009, I met with Bob Chonka in West Des Moines, IA. During our meeting, I shared with him what the Holy Spirit was leading me to do. Bob was also moved and offered to help produce the CD. We started recording right away and spent the next three months recording and mixing the songs found on this CD. By early April 2010, the CD was mastered and ready for packaging.

Throughout the entire process of producing this CD, God has provided in so many ways. From the recording of the individual tracks to the manufacturing of the CD, He has been faithful to bless us as we continue to submit to His will. It is clear that God wants this music to be heard!

It is my calling to see that the message of God’s saving grace reaches as many people as possible through music that is honoring to Him.

Your comments and prayers are always welcome.


Paul Storm